ExPürtise Review: Entire skincare line in a box


In my trip to the IECSC 2018 in NYC, I stopped by the ExPürtise booth and met AC and Brandon. We chatted it up and I asked him about his perspective about how many products are available and how majority of the landscape of products are marketed towards women. My chat with AC was great.  Him and I will have a more in-depth QA that I will publish in another post. 

I this post, I wanted to share with everyone the products and some info. Overall the packaging is pretty neutral so they didn’t make me feel like I was using my wife’s products. The smell of the products were also pretty neutral. Overall the products felt great. Sometimes when I use skincare products, I’m not really sure if I’m doing anything. After using the ExPürtise line, I actually felt like I was doing something great to my skin.

There were a couple standouts to me that immediately had amazing results for me. Something to know about ExPürtise is they focus on purity of the ingredients they use in their products. They also believe that there’s a balance of both pure, organic as well as active ingredients to get the best results. As quoted from their website:

“Most true anti-aging products are full of synthetic or petroleum based fillers while organic products lack suitable wrinkle-reducing ingredients such as peptides, retinols, growth factors and botanical stem cell extracts.

This divide leaves consumers with an unnecessary choice. Settle for 100 percent organic formulations that don’t make use of modern skincare technologies or ignore the controversial ingredients included in many non-organic beauty products.”

I love the idea of pure, organic and natural products, but also want great results. I suggest you find your own way by doing your own research but my yardstick is always how it makes me look and feel.

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Anti-Aging Enzyme Peel

Anti-Aging Enzyme Peel: I peel often at home. I agree I’m a little obsessed with how smooth my skin feels after peeling and probably do it too much. My skin tingled a bit, but nothing that I wasn’t expecting. A peel is going to tingle a bit. That means its working!



Anti-Aging Selfie-Mask

Anti-Aging Selfie-Mask: This was a standout for me. It is a fairly loose, watery mask (compared to really thick clay masks I’ve used). I went on nice with the brush. I hopped into the shower to take the mask off. My skin was super-smooth and bright. Its supposed to exfoliate, hydrate and brighten and that’s what I experienced.



Left to right: Eye Serum, Face Treatment Moisturizer, Face Serum, Cleanser

Anti-Aging Purifying Cleanser: again, it had a light feel and smell. No controversial ingredients! I generally don’t look for active ingredients in my cleansers. I just want to make sure that my face feels clean and is ready for serum and moisturizers.

Anti-Aging Face Serum: Given all products are “perfectly” pH balanced, you don’t need toner. One less step in your routine! This has Matrixyl 6 and Matrixyl 3000 which are really commonly-used actives that supports reduction in wrinkles. This one is a standout for me. I love the way it soaks into my skin after a shave. AC at Expürtise tells me he can’t leave the bathroom until he’s put this serum on after the shower.

Anti-Aging Eye Serum: This has the same actives plus 20 organic extracts. Its pretty thick and a little bit goes a long way.

Anti-Aging Face Treatment: My face seemed to soak this one up. It wasn’t too heavy at all and in the dry winter months, it may need another moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated enough. I applied another layer of sunscreen to keep it tight for the day.

Overall, I feel these are great products. You can buy them directly from their website or via an esthetician/spa that carries their products. I am a little biased because of the conversation I had with AC and the passion they have for their products. It made me really excited about trying them and I wasn’t disappointed.

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