Kick-start my day

When I get up in the morning, I’m usually starving and thirsty. I’m a huge caffeine addict so I also can’t wait to mainline espresso. Nowadays, I’m waking up with a workout first thing in the morning, taking a note from Jocko’s playbook. I can’t say that my workout is anywhere near Mr Willink, but the idea is that I’m doing something first thing in the morning to be productive, wakeup by getting your blood pumping and you know, it feels great. It actually does wake me up. But unfortunately, you still have to eat. And of course, I still need serious coffee.

Here’s my current wake the fuck up and kick the shit out of Monday routine. I would love to hear your routine.

Caffeine Kick:

Laird Superfood Turmeric Coffee Creamer

I love how this creamer has the turmeric kick and has just a tiny bit of sweetness. It really makes your coffee creamy!

Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, Grass FedYou can put this powder in just about anything but I get it in my coffee first thing in the morning along with my greens to make sure it gets in my system. There are 10g of protein in each scoop. I have a bad knee that sometimes gives me issues and after doing a scoop in my coffee daily, my knees feel stronger and smoother when I’m taking the stairs.


Live Ultimate The Ultimate Elixir

Live Ultimate is a superfood powder. By itself, it doesn’t taste great but the purpose of drinking this isn’t intended for sipping. Its a little pricey but since I’ve been using it, I do feel more energetic, and productive.

Amazing Grass Superfood Powder Chocolate, 30 Servings

Adding this powder to Live Ultimate makes it taste way better! Also, I feel like I’m absolutely getting all of my greens. I can’t get enough of my greens!

Amazing Grass Superfood Powder Original, 30 Servings

Lastly, one more scoop of the original flavor and I feel like I have enough. I’m taking all of this with about 20oz of water and drinking it all in about 2 mins.  You could probably do without the second scoop. The cost of these is one of the cheapest options out there and taste pretty good.

After my caffeine and hydration, I sometimes have a little greek yogurt with some nuts or quinoa with almond milk and dried fruit. I have also skipped breakfast altogether without much issue. Disclaimer: I do have one more coffee before lunch.

All of this equals about 100 calories and is an extremely efficient way to get a load of vitamins, probiotics, probiotics and nutrients that will keep your gut happy and healthy.

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