Recommended listening

I was doing some yard work the other day and found a podcast that I wanted to share.

“How I Built This” with Guy Raz is a podcast about entrepreneurs and how they built their empires. There are several that seemed interesting but then I ran across the story about Jane Wurwand and how she started Dermalogica.

There are a lot of folks writing blogs, feeding their IG feeds and even making their own products that will find this inspiring like I did. Even though I’m not intending to make a career out of writing and enjoying skincare, I do have aspirations and goals that this story inspires me to keep following. For me, skincare is a healthy hobby (obsession!) that is keeping me busy and keeping me sane. There are much more destructive things to be obsessed about and the community of people who also love skincare are very welcoming. So I’m enjoying it!

Here’s a link to the podcast. You can also find this on iTunes.

As far as Dermalogica goes, the only product I’ve tried is the Daily Microfoliant. It’s a powder that you shake into your hand and then moisten with some water until you get a paste. You rub the paste into your face gently for a physical exfoliant. There’s also some salicylic acid in it as well which is an ingredient used for combating acne. I will use this regularly when I’m having a breakout or when I want a gentle physical exfoliant.

What are your fav Dermalogica products? I want to dig into the brand so some advice would be great!


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