SIGR Men’s Skincare interview with the owner and CEO, Kristian Damm

In the constant reviews of my feed, I kept seeing ads for a men’s skin care line called SIGR. My interest is always piqued with men’s skincare because it’s such a growing market. Also because I’m male, I’m always looking for the next big thing in the male skincare market. I reached out to Kristian and in between his busy work and family schedule, he managed to make time for an email interview.

I’m a big fan of supporting these type of skincare startups that are trying to solve a real problem. Kristian talks about his inspiration for starting this company and the problem he was trying to solve. Despite the simplicity of the interview, the sentiment of someone having a tough time finding skincare solutions is something I can relate to. Its inspirational to me when someone takes that energy to make their own solution.

The SIGR skincare line looks like a basic setup with some decent ingredients. The only thing that appears to be missing is a sunscreen. That is a such a difficult product formulation (from what I’ve read! I know nothing! 😉 ) that I’m not surprised. There are tons of SPF products out there so not a huge deal for me. The ethos of the company is something that I find interesting.

I hope you enjoy this brief interview.

Just a quick disclaimer: I have not received anything for this post. This is purely from my own interest/motivation and the result of an emailed conversation with Kristian. Unfortunately, I have not tried any of SIGR’s products because they do not sell in the US market. If you are based in Europe, check them out. Maybe one day I’ll get to check them out.



Name: Kristian Damm, Founder of SIGR Mens Skincare

Age: 31

Country and City you are based in: The beautiful city of Aarhus, Denmark

Skin type: Normal to dry skin


You have created a successful and growing skincare line. Tell me a little about how you got into the industry.

It all started back in 2013. I had some issues with finding a suitable skincare line to fit my needs.

The problem is that there are a lot of great products on the market, however many brands don’t tell you exactly what the products do or what they contain.

Also, I could not find any products which were used natural ingredients while still being effective. It was like you had to choose between full organic products with less effectiveness or effective products but with the uncertainty of the content.

I have always been curious and proactive. So I started to do some research myself. I could see the potential for a skincare line for men, based on active natural ingredients but still with a focus on effectiveness.


What about your skincare line would you say makes it different from other players?

First off, it is developed in partnership with some of the leading Nordic barbers and dermatologists to ensure the high quality and effectiveness of the products.

Secondly, we only use Danish manufacturers, which live up to our demand for high quality ingredients while also strongly working to minimize their impact on nature.


What is your vision of the Sigr Men’s Skincare?

At the moment we are working hard on becoming a full organic skincare brand.

We already have many organic ingredients in our products, but at the moment it is still too expensive to be a full organic product line because we use so many, and unique natural oils.

Also, we are testing out organic based cosmetic packing at the moment, which is very interesting because it could lower our Co2 impact remarkably.

The more long term vision is to be a great alternative skincare brand to the more established ones.

We want to keep focus on producing effective skincare for men but in a greener and more sustainable way, in an industry which has a great Co2 impact.


Tell me a little about yourself before you were such a big deal.

Before I started SIGR i worked as head of sales and development in a small company in total different industry.

Back then I already had the idea of starting a skincare brand for men, but did not have the money nor experience to do so.

I don’t believe much in luck, but I believe the lucky ones are those who seek it and work for it.

So, one day a new investor got involved in the company, and we really saw eye-to-eye.

And on a business trip to Norway, we spent the night (9 hours) driving across the mountains from Bergen to Oslo to reach an early morning meeting. We got to talking about my business idea. I think he understood how much I wanted to do this, so he told me he would help me with capital to start my company.

It was not a golden spoon, because even though I got money to start the company, I still worked one full-time job plus another a job for full provision renting out houses to finance my living and increase the capital of the company.


When did you start using skin care products?

I started at around the age of 12 because I had a medium case of acne, but mostly on my back.

We tried a lot of products and descriptions from doctors, which my body could not tolerate.


How did you get past the products that you didn’t like?

I started to use natural oils, considered my diet and learned more about skincare. When I looked at all of those things combined, I understood the problem and was able to take the right actions.


What do you think about skin care products marketing towards men?

I think a lot companies sell products for the wrong reasons – they don’t tell the consumer about what is in it or what it does but they are trying to sell you a lifestyle.

At SIGR we try our best to enlighten people about our products, why we use the ingredients we do and which effects the products have.


Why do you think there aren’t more skincare products marketed to men?

It is a very small business compared to women – however, companies are starting to notice the increase of men using cosmetic products, so we are seeing new brands every day.


What tips can you share for guys who want to take better care of themselves that are just getting started?

Start with your diet – eat right!

Select clean, unprocessed food and drink water.

It is proven to reduce stress, optimize your energy levels and make you happier!


What skin care products do you think are unnecessary for guys?

A lot men tend to use a way to harsh scrub and they tend to use way too much!
When you cleanse your face to often and you use harsh products, you actually dry out your skin.
Your skin then lacks oil and fat and starts over producing. Therefore, many people who use scrubs often tend to get a much more greasy skin a couple of hours after the have scrubbed.


What is your skin regimen? Morning? Nighttime? During the day?

I cleanse my face every morning and night with our Face Wash. It has a mild pH- value, so it does not dry out your skin.

I also use face moisturizer afterwards everyday – and Face Balm when I feel the need to refresh my skin.


How do you fit shaving into your regimen?

I would like to shave twice a week. I like to have one great shave in weekends, when I have the time to do it right.

And if there is time between spending time with the kids and everything else, I try to push one shave in mid week. Honestly though it sometimes ends up being quick electric shave 🙂


We all know that there are things you can do to keep your skin healthy from the inside-out. What else are you doing in this regard?

I always shower directly after sports. When you are sweaty, your pores are open and therefore less tolerant.

So a quick shower after a workout helps to avoid small pimples/redness – and make sure not to use overly hot water! It dries out your skin, especially this time of year.


What would you tell a guy that doesn’t think he needs a skin regimen or says he doesn’t have time?

I would tell him to make time! Your face is the first impression people get when they meet you – looking sharp and fresh always gives you that extra edge!


What is a basic starting skin regimen that you would recommend?

Every man should have a good face wash and a great moisturizer!



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