My primary purpose in this website is to help guys be happier. And for me to learn about how to take better care of myself!

Who am I? I am a guy in my 40s. A career professional in the corporate world in the US. Now, I’m living in Westchester, a suburb of NYC and work in NYC. I am also a dad and a husband. My life is pretty full.

My approach on Something Freckled is to look at it from the the outside and the inside from a guys perspective: skin care, hair care, eating right and exercise. I know how frustrating it is to not be able to navigate the landscape of skin care products for guys, for example. I want to change that.

Trial and error are my friend. I love learning about new products and experiences. Experience from other guys and experts are also a source if inspiration and advice that feed my purpose. I aim to share those experiences with you.

I get that time is precious. Work is important. Supporting your family and friends is also important. There is a usually not a lot of time for yourself and its easy to take shortcuts in every aspect of life – there’s so much to do! I have found that making small investments in time and money have helped to make me feel better, more confident and ultimately, happier.

My hope is that I can help guys live better, fuller lives.

And maybe I can help you! If you have advice please share. I’m no expert and love to learn from others. If you like this then follow me here and on Instagram.

Reach out to me here and on Instagram if you want to connect.


PS: I am an Amazon Affiliate and potentially for other companies as well. I post things that I like but at times I may make money if you buy from links that I post. I have website costs and I became an affiliate to pay for those costs. I don’t limit what I post to Amazon because I am more interested in sharing what I love with people rather than paying for my website.